Our meeting space @ GWC

Participant Expectations...

This Great Teachers gathering promises to be one of the most special since David Gottshall started what became the National Great Teachers Movement.  Here's a short list of things you can expect as a participant in the Summit.

♦ Plentiful networking opportunities with skilled & gifted peers

♦ Multiple opportunities to connect with and hear from David Gottshall

♦ A once-in-a-career opportunity to return to the roots of the NGTM w/the Founder

♦ Become immersed in the oral tradition that has been quintessential in GTM growth and sustainability

♦ Gain a deeper understanding of how higher education can be evidenced as an art form

♦ Understand the origins of both the "great" and "master" teachers concepts

♦ Learn seminar leadership "best practices" from international practitioners

♦ And more...


Once registered and about 8 weeks prior to the seminar, you will receive specific information on how to adequately prepare for the Summit.  While minimal, your experience at GWC will be magnified and enhanced by completing a few simple tasks.   OK... it's homework!